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Nu ma puteam apuca de postat linkuri de download al episoadelor fara a face o mica introducere (in engleza, copy\paste de aici.)
Dollhouse is a television series created by Joss Whedon and starring Eliza Dushku, centering around a secret organization that controls "dolls" or "Actives" and programs them to do any kind of required work, after which they get their memories erased and resort to a child-like state waiting for the next assignment. The series picks off at the moment when Dushku's character, Echo, starts to remember things between assignments.

Acestea fiind spuse, urmeaza lista episoadelor de pana acum, ale primului sezon:
1x01 "Ghost" sau vazut online aici.
1x02 "The Target" sau vazut online aici.
1x03 "Stage Fright" sau vazut online aici.
1x04 "Gray Hour"sau vazut online aici.
1x05 "True Believer" sau vazut online aici.
1x06 "Man on the Street"sau vazut online aici.
1x07 "Echoes"sau vazut online aici.
1x08 "Needs"sau vazut online aici.
1x09 "A Spy in the House of Love" sau vazut online aici.
1x10 "Haunted"
1x11 "Briar Rose"

Pe 8 mai apare finala acestui sezon:1x12 "Omega"

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